knightlyman (knightlyman) wrote in exoticon2001,

hi i just joined

umm i have no idea what exoticon is, but i can tell its some gameing thing. would like more info on it,like is it in the US of A? i play mostly gameworkshop games and rifts and d&d and some battletech and a few LARPS.(friends talked me into it).
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Exoticon used to be a scifi/fantasy con in New Orleans, LA, but it died back in 2001.
hi and thanks for the info. i posted that comment way back in jan and i forgot all about it. again thanks for telling me its good to have a long forgoten question finely answered.
Hehe.. I was bored and looking through some stuff and saw that someone other than me actually posted in there. Some people from Exoticon are trying to start up another con here, though. It was supposed to be a few weeks ago, but financial backing fell out.
aww that sucks. and im just becomeing a sci-fi kind of guy. ive been getting into stargate and farscape. as i work mostly nights i dont get to see much of t.v. and im just now cattching up on buffy the vampire slayer. as well as a few other shows.
is that the kind of sci-fi you were talking about?